User first, embrace innovation Ecological sharing, cooperation and mutual benefit

  • Our vision
    UChain is the world's first public infrastructure blockchain designed for the sharing economy. UChain aims to establish a peer-to-peer blockchain intelligent network to solve the problem of excessive transaction costs, credit insecurity and user data abuse in the sharing economy. Through UChain's blockchain infrastructure, each of the shared economic enterprises will be empowered, and with the increasing participation of service providers, UChain will become a better global sharing economic ecosystem.
  • UChain Foundation
    U.C.Foundation is a formal non-profit organization registered in the Cayman Islands. In order to promote the development of a sharing economic blockchain network, the UChain Foundation team studies the relationship between global economic trends and blockchain technology. MoreoverUChain foundation team innovates knowledge and try to bring benefit to the ecosystem behind the sharing economy. The UChain Foundation strives to work closely with relevant non-profit organizations such as industry partners, eco-service providers and local governments to achieve our great vision.